Jaymes | 20 | UC Irvine | 2nd Year | Psychology and Social Behavior Major | CADC Nu Class | ORG Alumni Member XXIV |

"Who goes on this anyway? Do people actually go to your actual page anymore? idk, I just stay on the dashboard and reblog/like things for hours; no need to actually go to people's actual tumblr pages. Why are you still reading this? Anyway, yeah. k bye..?"

ORG Gen III Photoshoot. *Thanks Nick!

…I am so not photogenic.

  1. realpeaceofwork said: I soo wana troll you >:D
  2. jeromeyabooty said: what the eff, you are not taller than kelly lol
  3. getdown-staydown said: jaymes, such a cutie.
  4. heyyitsraniel said: Look at that cutie
  5. shortneyx3 said: daaaaaaaaaaang ;D
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