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"Who goes on this anyway? Do people actually go to your actual page anymore? idk, I just stay on the dashboard and reblog/like things for hours; no need to actually go to people's actual tumblr pages. Why are you still reading this? Anyway, yeah. k bye..?"
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Just added a new one on the bottom right for this past 2013-2014 year. Throwing it all the way back to 2008 and I’m thankful to have discovered this crazy amazing “dance community” here in SoCal. My favorite wall of shameful hoarding ever! #tbt #throwbackthursday #thankful #m3 #hiphopalive #hha #kreativemovment #kabakids #projectsoulmovement #org #orghana #hhi #rc #cadc #kennainc (at Lé Hood👌)

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ORG Camp starts today!!! Come take class with mi amigos @jeromeyabooty @party_box and @lpdavidlee !! Go. I worked hard on this instagram post. #orgcamp #orgwintercamp #org #theorganization #doyouwannabuildasnowman #letitgo #frozen #olaf #warmhugs (at Boogiezone Utopia)

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Vegas Day 9 addendum. Happy drunk night out with DC underaged crew, chaperones, and runnin into ORG. 😁#hhi8finity #org #fattuesday #slimjim #ismystrippername #canttageverybody (at Fat Tuesday)

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Before I leave for Vegas this weekend, a throwback to last year at HHI 2012 with ORG for Varsity Division. So weird thinking this was just one year ago…the blood, sweat, and many many many tears. Haha. #tbt #hhi #varsity #org #youfools #itsatrap #itwashell #hotpocket #blab #ballinlikeabitch #why #fuckthatending

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This My Song | Clyde Carson:
Lolz. For funsies.

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Nice day at the park waiting for @gollygretchen. #nutella&go #windy #org #cadcshirt #daiso #notebook #myfingersarecold #notburninup

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Long live the King…

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throwback friday

why do i humiliate myself like this

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“Mean Girls”

The ORGanization Dance Team || Maxt Out 2012

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Gangnam Style -PSY
'Twas all fun and games until :55….

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5, 6, 7, 8, 1-…wait…wtf is happening?

I’m so swamped up between school and ORG and everything in-between. Omg. It’s only week 2 of school. I’m poor…I’m behind in classes…I sleep in class…and I am jobless. What am I going to do? And I still need another loan in order to pay for housing and what-not. blahredablahrblharblarbalrhabrlhblarh.
But, nonetheless, whether it be actual class material or not, I am definitely learning. I’m learning how to manage time wisely, how to do adult things and make adult decisions, and all that other cliche shit. I’ve been making friends everywhere I go so that’s a positive thing.
And err….yeah. I just needed to word vomit so I can be sane again. k bye.

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ORG final run through before Body Rock 2012

Last and final run through before body rock at the parking structure where it all started with HHA which transformed into ORG. Always remember where you came from and know your roots. I’ll never forget this run through.

such an amazing feeling that night

Can’t even explain how it felt to be there where it all started with the most amazing people, by far the best run thru I’ve done.. Ahh miss this, hella reminiscing :’(

I will never forget this performance. It was the best feeling to go back to where our team started after a few years. It was like we never left.

This is my family. No one could ever replace these niggahs without a doubt. i love them

best feeling in the world <3

since everybody on ORG is reblogging the same damn video…i guess i’ll reblog it too. sheesh.
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Stream of Consciousness, XXIII

Conan is so damn funny.
“Name that tune”…wow…LOL. Playing only crappy renditions of songs in order to avoid lawsuits…wtf. HAHAHAH. so funny. soo sooo funny.

I can’t help but feel scared. Anxious. In about a mere 13 hours I’ll be at Bea Hive either helping around at the front desk and then later stretching out the boys for auditions. How the hell did this happen…haha. I remember vividly when I first auditioned for HHA, I didn’t know anybody except my friend Jennifer that I forced to go with me (Hi, btw, if you’re reading this), and a couple familiar faces from M3 like David and Kevin L. I remember learning “Who Is She” by Kris Mark taught be Andy for the audition piece. I remember being freaked out I was in the last group with Jasper because he was a returner and I thought it was totally not fair to be paired up with a returner. Ahhh the memories…
Now the tables have turned. Literally speaking, I am on the other side of the table. Judging, evaluating, and enjoying the potential talent of the newbies.

Adding on to this plethora of emotion, in 19 days I’ll be moving into my dorm at UC Irvine. Living on my own…what is this madness. I’m barely at my parents home anyway, either being at ORG or going out to eat, or partying it up(jk…), but I’ve never truly been “alone.” This will be a very interesting experience.

I need a job. Sigh. Sigh.

And a phone.

I need a phone first….I can’t even attempt to get a job without a cell phone they could call, lol.

Yay for streams of consciousness.

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“Breathe (Telepopmusik Cover)” - New Navy
Please excuse the many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many mess-ups and timing issues. If it looks like it was finished the day of…well, it was. LOL. Yeah, my last “choreo day” for my last Gen with ORG. Decided to do “versastyle”-ish stuff, even though I suck at dancing. Haha. And, chyeah, I feel like this accurately describes my style in the sense that I really don’t know what my “style” is and that I’m still experimenting with trying to get to know a lot of diverse styles. Blah blah blah. Hope you like it. I wanna say thanks to ORG and it’s crazy having been with ORG since the beginning 2 years and 4 Gens ago. omgosh if I’m not too lazy later I’ll try to find early choreo days…so bad….so…so bad. And yeah, it’s 2 AM. Everything is so interesting on Tumblr right now. k bye.

reblogging because i am a desperate whore for notes please love me jk k bye.
…hahahaha. forreals.