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"Who goes on this anyway? Do people actually go to your actual page anymore? idk, I just stay on the dashboard and reblog/like things for hours; no need to actually go to people's actual tumblr pages. Why are you still reading this? Anyway, yeah. k bye..?"
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Gangnam Style -PSY
'Twas all fun and games until :55….

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"Breathe (Telepopmusik Cover)" - New Navy
Please excuse the many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many mess-ups and timing issues. If it looks like it was finished the day of…well, it was. LOL. Yeah, my last “choreo day” for my last Gen with ORG. Decided to do “versastyle”-ish stuff, even though I suck at dancing. Haha. And, chyeah, I feel like this accurately describes my style in the sense that I really don’t know what my “style” is and that I’m still experimenting with trying to get to know a lot of diverse styles. Blah blah blah. Hope you like it. I wanna say thanks to ORG and it’s crazy having been with ORG since the beginning 2 years and 4 Gens ago. omgosh if I’m not too lazy later I’ll try to find early choreo days…so bad….so…so bad. And yeah, it’s 2 AM. Everything is so interesting on Tumblr right now. k bye.

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"D.D." - The Weeknd
Yay for awkwardness! w00t w00t. So, this choreography was a personal ORG challenge assignment where we would have to implement a style that is not typically expected from us. For me, I personally do not think of “sexy R&B/sexual” pieces as my forte, but I decided to go with it anyway. As for the piece itself, I really liked the song in the first place, but once I discovered that it was originally a Michael Jackson cover (yes, I am that slow), then I started to add some MJ-inspired moves because not only are some moves “provocative,” but entertaining as well. Sorry for the awkward last 2 eight counts because the choreography was still fresh and rough for me….and…yeah…lol.

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"Wildfire" - SBTRKT
Funny thing is, I went to Vibe 17 and I really, really, really loved CADC’s closer song; however, I didn’t realize I chose the same song for choreo day until somebody told me “hey, that song sounds familiar” and I was like “…how the hell…oh wait…oh shit it’s CADC’s closer song!” LOL. But yeah, I tried to steer away from the locking aspect and go straight into awkward popping and isolations and stuff. Obviously I love armwaves….it’s the only thing I know how to do. HAHA. And yeah, I just really wanted to do floor work ‘cause it seemed like a good idea initially. …Yeahh…lol.

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It’s not too late to learn the audition pieces for The ORGanization Gen 4 Auditions. We will be having makeup workshops tomorrow from 4-7pm. Below are the routines that will be taught. Spread the word [: 

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"Why does today’s generation wanna skip their foundation/beginning and not put in the hard work/time. Nobody went straight to high school…. People are too focused on being famous. You’re either passionate about being known or are known for how passionate you are. Which are you?"

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